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This is the page where I link to other documentation I have written!
What do I need to do to make a 6-bolt motor run right in my 2G DSM?

How do I install a 1991+ ECU in my 1990 DSM?

How can I modify my 1G ECU for a dual-image chip?

What is the best factory MAS?

How can I socket my own ECU?
(Please note: I see WAY too many 2G ECU's destroyed by non-professional socketing. The 2G ECU traces are MUCH more fragile than a 1G ECU, so please think twice before attempting this yourself.)
How do I know which way to insert my chip in the socket?

EVOSCAN Setup Tips

Note: Any ECU modifications without the proper supporting mods can cause damage to your engine if improperly used. is NOT responsible for any damage caused by the modification of your ECU.

Please address any questions / comments to