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DSMChip upgrade policy.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and heresay as to my upgrade policy, so here it is in black and white:

My $20 upgrade was developed as a convenience to my customers, to enable them to easily get a new chip to correctly compensate for changes they make to their car. This includes things like injectors, MAS, cams, compression, etc that usually require changes to the chip to put the driveability back to near stock.

As each chip has been custom designed for each customer's preferences, the car's modifications, and the octane fuel the customer is running, the chip has little resale value to anyone, unless their modifications match exactly.

It was not the intention of this $20 upgrade to be transferable, even to a new vehicle owned by the same customer, although at times I have made exceptions and burned a new chip for the original customer if the changes are small.

It was certainly NEVER my intention that the upgrade privilege could be transferred to another person, either by the sale of the entire car or just the chip.

Part of the purchase price of a chip includes support, bug fixes, and access to updates. It is sort of like a membership to the "DSMChips Club", as it were.

This membership cannot be transferred to another person by the sale of your chip, or the sale of your ECU, or even the sale of your complete vehicle, just as selling someone a piece of furniture that you bought at Costco does not make them a Costco member.

Another frequent issue has been that some customers have ignored my request that the previous chip be returned to me after they swap in the new chip. At times these old chips end up in the "For Sale" sections of different DSM Forums, and very often at a price quite higher than the $20 upgrade they were charged. Such actions make a mockery of my generous upgrade program, and if this problem continues I am going to have to change the entire procedure, perhaps requiring a large deposit until I receive the old chip.

Another big issue, and one of the main reasons I don't want to support secondhand chips, is piracy. It is impossible to tell the difference between an original DSMChip and an illegal copy. So, please beware when you see any Keydiver or DSMChips for sale.

I apologize if these policies don't seem entirely fair, but they are necessary. I have not raised the DSMChip prices for 4 or 5 years, even though I have added countless more features. The costs of the blank chips, sockets, and postal rates have increased dramatically, so I cannot afford to support every lost, forgotten, copied, or pirated chip out there.

If you are an original owner, upgrading is very easy:
Simply fill out a new order form.
Put "Upgrade" in the comments box, as well as what octane pumpgas you run, and your compression ratio and base fuel pressure if other than stock.
STOP when you get to the Paypal part.
Go to and send $20 to If your upgrade also includes an upgrade to a different Stage, like going from Stage 2 to a Stage 3 chip, you will need to include the difference between the Stages also, typically $20-$25 more.
After you swap chips, simply mail the old chip back as cheaply as possible to my address on the label. First Class mail is fine, and no insurance is necessary.

Jeff Oberholtzer