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I now sell a small tach adapter, which will convert the 1990-style tach pulses to work with a 1991+ ECU! That's right, for only $30 your ECU swapping headaches are history. I've also developed a version to conveniently fit INSIDE the ECU, so the 1991+ ECU will go into your 1990 Turbo car plug-and-play!
BE SURE to tell me in your order form comments whether you want the INTERNAL or EXTERNAL version, both pictured below!
For instructions and pictures to install my INTERNAL Tach Adapter, click here.
For instructions on installing the EXTERNAL version, click here.
Here is another picture to help with installing the EXTERNAL version.
DON'T forget: Even if you use my tach adapter to fix the tach issue, you STILL need to swap pins 6 and 14 when using a 1991+ ECU in your 1990 DSM. That is a hardware isue that must be fixed by either swapping the two wires in the harness, or modifying the PC board internally, as shown on my INTERNAL instructions above.

External version:

Internal version: