This page is just some notes on how to setup your EVOSCAN software for proper operation with a 1995 EPROM ECU.

1. The 1995/96 ECU's use a different address to log knock than the 1997+ ECU's, so you need to make sure that you set the address for "Knocksum" to 3E when logging a 1995 EPROM ECU. Otherwise you will just see a value that changes from 0 to 1.
Very simply, just Right-Click on the Knocksum line, click "Edit", then under "RequestID" change it to 3E, if not already. The correct address for 1997+ ECU's is 26.

2. I don't like the formula they are using for the 4 fueltrim values. Its the same old formula everyone used for 1G fueltrims, which yielded the strange 81-140 values, which don't really tell you anything. Instead, change the old formula 0.78125*x to the new formula: (x/4)-32 for all 4 fueltrims, even though 2G's don't use the HIGH TRIM. This will make the values read true percentages of fuel being added or removed by the fueltrims.

3. They have incorrectly labeled the MDP Sensor as "EGR Temperature", way down the list. The 2G's don't use an EGRT temperature probe to check the EGR operation, they use the MDP Sensor, which reads in psia. So, Right-Click on the EGR Temperature line, change the formula to x*0.07353-0.0725, change the label to MDP Sensor, the LOGReference to MDPpsia, and the units to psia. This should make the value read correctly up to ~18.7 psia, which is about 4 psi.

4. Be sure you have selected "Hybrid DSM/3000GT/Eclipse" as the protocol.

5. If you are logging a 1995 or 1996 ECU, set the BAUD RATE to 10400. If you try anything faster, the ECU will randomly disconnect and attempt to reconnect.
6. The 1995/96 protocol rides on top of the OBDII stuff, so it is VERY slow, only 7-9 samples per second. So, when logging you should only select 1-2 items at a time.
7. I am working on modifying a data.xml file that Ceddy gave me. He removed a lot of extra junk, mainly for EVO's, but added items to log even more features. In your C:\Program Files\EvoScan\EvoScan v2.5\DataSettings folder you can rename your Data.xml file, to keep it as a backup, and download this file to try if you want. Right-Click, and "Save As": Data.xml file

Note: Any ECU modifications without the proper supporting mods can cause damage to your engine if improperly used. KeydiverChips.com is NOT responsible for any damage caused by the modification of your ECU.

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