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Now offering the BEST factory MAS upgrade!

This is the good #482 MAS used on the Eclipse GTS and Montero Sport 3.5 liter variable-induction engines! It looks and flows exactly the same as an EVO 8/9 MAS! Supplied with a professionally assembled 3G-to-1G harness adapter for $125 shipped!

Here it is pictured installed on a Galant VR-4. One really great feature of the #482 MAS is that it is the same 3 1/8" diameter as the 1G MAS, so you can use the stock intake pipe, or any aftermarket 1G intake! Air filter and adapter not included, but you can use any filter that will fit a 2G or EVO MAS. I highly recommend using an aluminum adapter that will adapt to a 4.5" filter, for the least air restriction and pressure drop. Or, you can use a Dejon filter adapter that will allow you to use your 1G K&N filter. SEE BELOW!

Please note: The much more common #501 MAS is NOT as good as the #482 or EVO #399 MAS. It is only rated by Mitsubishi for 210 liters/second, and has ~.78 psi pressure drop because of the larger airhorn blocking the inlet. The 2G, #482, and #399 EVO MAS are rated >240 liters/second, and have less pressure drop. As a datapoint: the 1G MAS was rated by Mitsubishi as 180 liters/second, so the #501 flows somewhere between a 1G and a 2G, #482, or #399 EVO MAS. There are many people trying to sell the #501 MAS as an upgrade that is better than a 2G MAS, or they think it is the same as the #482 or EVO MAS, but it is NOT! Buyer beware!

Free Priority Mail insured shipping when you are buying a chip or an upgrade!

Also available: DejonTool AFKN-1/2 Lexan Adapter:

If you already have a good 1G K&N filter, the AFKN adapter will allow you to bolt that high flowing filter to a 2G or 3G MAS! Only $20 when you buy the 3G MAS package above.