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2g Flash Upgrades

The price of $250 includes a 1998/99 Flash ECU with 1 year warranty, and you will receive a $135 Paypal refund upon receipt of your good 1998/99 Flash ECU core!

Stage 3 Options
Vehicle Year:
Transmission :
Rev Limit :
Eliminate Fuel Cut :
Eliminate Airflow Cap:
Factory MIL
Light Conversion :
Stutterbox Launch RPM :
Idle RPM :
Injector Size :
MAS Compensation :
Factory Boost
Guage Conversion :
Stage 3 Injector Package
This option allows you to automatically add new FIC injectors with this ECU upgrade. The chip will be set for these injectors.
Injector Size : Flash + Injectors : $478
Other Information
Fuel Pressure : psi
Please indicate if you are running higher than the 2G stock 43psi fuel pressure!
Compression :
8.5 is Stock compression for a 2g
Octane :