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2150cc FIC BlueMax Fuel Injectors

The Fuel Injector Clinic BlueMAX 2150cc high impedance injectors are NOW available. The newest addition to our product line is the largest high impedance injector ever – by a long shot – and will work for most of the guys running E85 or other high volume fuel. Great linearity and idle!
The very linear performance of this injector, based on Bosch’s latest technology, makes tuning a breeze.
In older EVO and DSM applications, the FIC BlueMAX 2150cc injector can be used by simply removing the resistor pack, since all of these ECUs produce regular saturated (high-Z compatible) injector signals.
While this is a ‘shorty’ injector in its original format, we have extenders and specialty seals to make it fit any application. For DSM applications, FIC is providing pigtails with each set of injectors, to be spliced into your harness. Plug and play adaptors are available at a discounted cost with all 2150cc purchases.

Price : 750.00 | In Stock : 5